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Video Information Processing Equipment Installation and Operation Policy

Video Information Processing Equipment Installation and Operation Policy (Myeongdong Branch)

현행 시행 일자 : 18.11.22

Mark Hotel Myeongdong Branch (hereafter the "Hotel") informs you of how and how the video information processed by the Hotel is used and managed in this Video Information Processing Equipment Installation and Operation Policy.

This policy is effective from November 22, 2018.

1. Grounds for and purpose of video information processing equipment installation

In accordance with Article 25, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Hotel installs and operates video information processing equipment for the following purposes:

  • Facility safety and fire prevention
  • Crime prevention for clients' safety
  • Prevention of car theft or damage

2. Number, location and coverage of equipment installed

Number of equipment units Location and coverage
242대 Entrances, parking lot, elevators, banquet halls, corridors, restaurants and cafes, lobby, rooftop, and outside of the building

3. Person in charge of maintenance and operation

구분 Name Position Contact
관리책임자 전용현 팀장 02-2283-3070
운영관리자 박민수 대리 02-2283-3112

4. Shooting time, storage period and place, and processing method of video information

Recording time Storage place Storage period
24 hours per day 1 month from the recording date Facility Team Office

5. Outsourcing of the installation and maintenance of video information processing equipment

Outsourced company Person in charge Contact
㈜아이비에스인더스트리 진영일(소장) 02-2283-3075

6. Access to personal video information and venue

  • - How to access: You can access your personal video information by visiting the head office of our company after contacting the video information manager in advance.
  • - Venue: Mark Hotel Chungmuro Branch Facility Team

7. Actions based on request for viewing of video information by the owner

The owner of the personal video information can request the viewing, the verification of existence, or deletion of it at any time to the video information processing equipment manager. Only the personal video information including the image of the owner and the information needed for the sake of the owner's life, physical safety and property can be requested.
The Hotel will, without delay, take necessary actions when the owner of the personal video information makes such a request.

8. Actions for ensuring safety of video information

The Hotel differentiates the access authority to personal information as an administrative measure for protecting personal video information. The Hotel also records and maintains the date and time when personal video information is created, the purpose, the person and date and time of viewing the personal video information to prevent forging or tampering of it.
In addition, locking devices are installed to store personal video information in a physically secure manner.

9. Changes in the Video Information Processing Equipment Installation and Operation Policy

This policy was enacted on November 22, 2017. The Hotel will notify the reasons for and details of any change on its website at least seven days before the implementation of it when there is addition, deletion or revision due to changes in relevant laws, policies or security technologies.